1. 15th Apr 2014

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    Ferran Adrià signs one of his books following a lecture at Brisbane’s GOMA. During the lecture he spoke about the next phase of elBulli which closed as a restaurant in 2011. He introduced elBulli 1846, elBulli Foundation & Bullipedia, while also addressing the importance of education, collaboration and getting things done quickly, like a chef.

    As always, remarkably inspiring.

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    We visited GOMA Restaurant to sample the new menu designed by head chef Josue Lopez. The Brûlée of Foie gras (top), Lockyer Valley Cauliflower (not shown) & Seared black king fish (bottom left) were simply outstanding.

  3. 10th Apr 2014

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    Brisbane has just been treated to an unprecedented food experience. While the city is not completely unfamiliar with good food, Marc Sheldon’s recent contribution is rather special. His brand Flugente (Known to english speakers as the Muscovy Duck) presented its inaugural dinner on Friday evening with encore sessions Saturday and Sunday, exposes Brisbane diners to some of the most exciting food from among the worlds most interesting chefs. The chefs are then partnered on our shores with locals from the likes of Esquire, Gerards Bistro, Stokehouse and Urbane.

    In this first event, Flugente welcomed Husband-and-wife team Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinski from their Michelin starred San Francisco bay area restaurant, State Bird Provisions. Assisted on Sunday by Josue Lopez of GOMA restaurant & Alejandro Cancino of Urbane. Nicole and Stuart served some of the restaurants best known dishes, modified to suite local ingredients and the constants of working in an unfamiliar space and limited time.

    The evening was hosted at Wandering Cooks which stands alone in Brisbane as an exceptional kitchen space. Its commercial kitchens were able to support a large kitchen staff and its adjoining event space, accommodated 60 odd guests on the night. The guests where seated on long tables, but due to some clever service the dinner retained intimacy. Dishes were share plates tailored to precisely the number of people in ones group. Being visited by Marc during the dinner and words from Nicole, Stuart and Flugente’s sommelier Paul Einbund, before and after service made for an exceptionally informative and approachable evening. Food of this standard presented so causally is my personal archetype for a perfect food experience, the evening was simply superb. Look out for Flugente’s next.

  4. 18th Mar 2014

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    One year ago I was blessed with the chance to visit Gascony for a bucket-list style food experience. Four incredible weeks of producer visits, feasting and well-oiled learning across the heavily romanticised regions of Basque, and Lot-et-Garonne, all in search of the secrets of ham.

    But as incredible as the touring experience was, guided by the well publicised ham-guru host Kate Hill, what was to make the experience truly iconic and invaluable was the hands-on of being thrown into the production within the farm based boning room of the Chapolard family. I was let loose on the cuts and charcuterie that little to my knowledge was to be presented side by side with the Chapolard’s work the next day at market.

    Walking away from the farm one month later, I knew that this experience had to come home with me to Australia. Luckily enough, barely a year later, Kate Hill and Dominique and Christiane Chapolard obliged.

    Thanks to the generosity of the Jonai Farms, an ethical and holistic pork producer based in Eganstown on the outskirts of Daylesford, Victoria—I had somewhere to host them and our 25 willing students. What was to follow was 10 hours of butchery, charcuterie production and in true French style, extended feasting and wine (more on this to come).

    After unveiling the knowledge of the likes of noix de jambon, ventreche, pate de tete & fricandeux as is the way in France, the politics of food were discussed. Opening the eyes of some, and offering others an opportunity to vent their frustrations—this group of 30-odd insanely passionate producers, butchers, farmers, chefs and food advocates tackled both local and global food concerns. It was an unexpected but incredible informal round-table style discussion on the state of the food world.

    Many thanks to be given to Kate Hill for her ham knowledge, translation and good company all the way from her farmstead in Gascony, Kitchen at Camont,

    Dominique and Christiane Chapolard for leaving their 7-day a week production behind for two weeks to share their skills and knowledge of everything to do with the pig,

    Clare Burder of Eminence Wines in Whitfield, Victoria for her incredible wines, salami know-how and event write-up,

    The Jonai Farms owners Tammi & Stuart Jonas, for hosting and helping co-ordinate the day and their three kids for vacating their rooms to sleep on the couch in order to host their guests,

    Anthony from Greenvale Farms, another fantastic Victorian ethical pork and lamb producer for doing a stella job washing up after lunch,

    and of course Mick Nunn, for helping me cook everyone lunch, a Chef and new friend from Ballarat’s Forge restaurant—he is fellow Kitchen at Camont Alumni and rumour has it, future Victorian ham mafia.

    Till next time,

    the editor

  5. 12th Mar 2014

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    One aircraft hangar + a handful of bearded men = one badass new age whiskey distillery.

    Within the grounds of Melbourne’s Essendon airport, normally the home of the cities elite, government and private aircraft now exists a somewhat unlikely rabble of distillers, home brewers and liquor aficionados.

    The hangar is painted black, some say for an added layer of camouflage, others say to aid in temperature fluctuation, an ingredient in their counter-intuitive ageing techniques. But on entering, and being shown all the appropriate ways to exit if and when there is an emergency, the assault on the nose is nothing short of bliss.

    Cheers to a fine addition to our countries distilling landscape.

    Starward Whiskey

  6. 3rd Mar 2014

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    Some people may remember when I did this in France last year. Now I am helping bring it home to Australia. Get involved if you dare.


    French seam butchery & Charcuterie workshops
    Gascony to Australia

    March 16 - Jonai Farms, Melbourne

    March 18 - Wandering Cooks, Brisbane

    Two full day professional workshops coming to Australia featuring the amazing moustache of Dominique Chapolard and author, cook & teacher Kate Hill.

    Nose-to-tail be gone, their mantra is seed-to-sausage. Growing the cereal to feed thirty sows and their piglets, and producing their charcuterie and pork products within the confines of their 100 acre farm.

    Lucky you, you don’t need to travel all the way to Gascony to check it out.

    Tickets for Melbourne
    Tickets for Brisbane

  7. 19th Feb 2014

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    Tokyo on Drugs

    Cafe Kitsuné, purveyors of Omotesando Koffee roast. Omotesando Koffee, purveyor of wide eyes, and joy.

    Created some years ago by Eiichi Kunitomo as a temporary venue, OK is now part of Tokyo’s furniture. But there are some new kids on the block at Cafe Kitsune. With baristas and beans churned out of the Kunitomo dojo, Tokyo’s oft misunderstood, entirely hip and sometimes misguided coffee scene appears to be forging a style of its own.

    I travel to Tokyo a lot. Almost every year for the past five years in fact. And only on this past trip do I feel like I am beginning to understand the place. Unfailingly the coolest kid on the block, the Japanese hipster gives their western counterpart something to aspire to. And I love them for it.

    They make me dress better, they make me eat better, and they make me drink better. Maybe it is wrong to be so positive about a culture where having your five minutes of fame can be taken literally. But as a visitor, and someone always seeking new ideas—this place is a gold mine.

    The only part I could never entirely get on board was their coffee. Espresso’s were long and light, or barely a slick on the bottom of my cup. I felt I needed balls the size of bulls to get it down my throat. No denying this is probably a result of being tempered to a style by our stoic and united scene back home, but what other measure do we have.

    The fact is I like differences, differences are why I travel and why I eat. I don’t always like what I eat, I’ve worked plenty of objects down my throat that I immediately regretted. And so thats that. Keep it fresh Tokyo, and I’ll see you next year. Sascha.

  8. 17th Feb 2014

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    Happy Birthday to Scrag End contributor Terry Hart.

    This cake by our editor-in-chief was prepared with couverture, Chèvre mousse, candied walnuts & blackberries.

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    Björn and Sascha meet with our new friends over at Food Connect, Brisbane to discuss future plans. The least of which include future issue content and seasonality events for all to take part.

    Food Connect are a Brisbane based produce box delivery company headed by Robert Pekin—food activist, revolutionist, and champion. With over 700 weekly deliveries to private locations and many more wholesale, their business is growing quickly across greater Brisbane.

    They are a nerve centre for driving seasonal sensibilities home in the wider community, and they share many perspectives with the team behind this very journal. Exciting times to be working with them in the future.

    Keep in touch on this blog, Twitter, Facebook or drop us an email.

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    Friends and followers, the food journal I work on now has a blog.

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    Friends and followers, the food journal I work on now has a blog.

    Scrag End Journal

    If you like my personal blog, give Scrag End some love and follow!